Tier 1 Group’s Teamship (Team + Relationship) is a highly interactive team development program which provides skills and tools for your team(s) to sustainably engage in healthy, productive team relationships. 

Teamship is a series of four 2-hour workshops, presented onsite for staff and mid-level corporate teams of 6-30 people. In each workshop participants receive proven tools and practice new skills to greatly enhance their team’s ability to function as a unified community.  The first workshop, How to Better Engage with Your Team, can be delivered as a stand-alone module.  The remaining three workshops are designed to be delivered sequentially for the greatest sustainable benefit. 

Upon completion of the entire Teamship series, team members are prepared to build better relationships and make a different level of commitment to their teams, actions, and outcomes – the foundation for higher team performance.

Teamship Workshop 1 – How to Better Engage with Your Team

Participants learn how to have better, focused conversations to improve their team relationships.  Developing skill in having What Matters conversations is crucial and foundational to all aspects of team engagement.

Teamship 2 – How to Support Your Team

Team members learn how to recognize when and how to offer and ask for support from their teammates. 

Teamship 3 – How to Build Team Trust

Teams learn how to build trust with each other and create a safer environment for sharing and collaborating. 

Teamship 4 – How to Improve Team Communications

This capstone workshop explores how communication impacts team performance. Participants learn to interact more effectively with those who have differing communication styles.


Team-Centered Leadership Development (TCLD) – for Team Leaders

Identified team leaders who have completed Teamship can continue their training with an additional four workshops focused on tools and leadership skills which equips them to more more effectively lead, support and coach their empowered teams. 

The four TCLD modules are:

  • Anatomy of Healthy Teams
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Engaging Team Choicefulness
  • Getting Teams Unstuck

“I developed new levels of awareness, skill, and agility to lead and support my team in achieving higher levels  of performance.  There was immediate impact in meeting efficiency and in our choices as a team.”                                                                                                                                         – James Sacra, Sr. Director Software Engineering, Elsevier

Corporate Retreat Design and Facilitation

Tier 1 Group’s Teamship and Teamship II programs can be adapted for corporate retreats. Tier 1 Group can develop and facilitate half-day, 1-day or multi-day retreats tailored to your organization’s opportunities and issues for growing a thriving corporate community.  These retreats can be company-wide, for a specific team, or for senior management team leaders. We will work closely with your leadership to develop a highly interactive program which supports your organization’s goals.