trust-building modules for the development of high-functioning teams

Ensure your teams are working better, together

The root of improved team function and relationships is TRUST.

Trust is especially important in an environment where some or all team members are working remotely.

To build and sustain trust, team leaders and members must be skilled in navigating the interpersonal dynamics of team relationships (“teamship”).

Teamship is a series of team coaching modules that greatly enhances the team’s ability to function as a unified community, working together at the highest level to advance the team’s mission. 

Teamship equips participants to better understand the dynamics of trust and to take steps to improve trust among the relationships that matter to their work. The program provides a trust-building framework and skillset that can be continually used by participants to enhance team trust, engagement, communication and outcomes.

Modules are delivered virtually and include a two-hour interactive group workshop and two one-hour group coaching session for skill development and situational application. Module 1 is the foundation of the program; the other modules can be added sequentially at your desired pace for expanded learning and skill development.

Module 1 and 2 are recommended for teams with an immediate need to address a breakdown in trust that is causing dis-ease within a specific team.

Module 1 – The Trust-Building Habit

Module 2 – Trusted Support

Module 3 – Trust-Building Process

Module 4 – Trust-Building Communication



PROGRAMS TO MEET YOUR specific objectives

Team-focused Retreat Programming

Tier 1 Group’s Teamship programs can be adapted for corporate retreats.

Tier 1 Group can develop and facilitate half-day, 1-day or multi-day retreats tailored to your organization’s opportunities and issues for growing a thriving corporate community.  These retreats can be company-wide, for a specific team, or for senior management team leaders. We will work closely with your leadership to develop a highly interactive program which supports your organization’s goals and objectives.


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