Leading Your Team Through Adversity: Having the Team Conversations that Matter Most in the Next 30 Days

A highly focused communications TRAINING AND COACHING PROGRAM designed to  support team leaders and their teams during this time of unprecedented change and uncertainty

The leaders who are most adept at leading their teams through disruption are those who support their team members as people – they excel at communicating through the uncertainty and stress at a human level rather than solely through a business and performance lens.

The current environment is certainly not business as usual, and leaders need to help their teams and peers navigate the challenges and stressors that are affecting their work, their role, and their relationships. Team leader behaviors have a tremendous affect on how their team feels right now, and, how they will feel going forward as the crisis abates and the new normal emerges.

Leaders who rise above in tough times are effective at having the conversations that really matter – including the difficult ones. Tier 1 Group’s Keystone Habit – the What Matters Conversation – enables team leaders to discover, understand and act on the things that are impacting their team’s ability to be fully present and to function at the highest level in an ever-shifting landscape. Having an impactful What Matters Conversation is a “people skill” – rooted in relationship, trust and effective communication. This program provides a framework, tools and coaching for team leads to develop these critical skills.

Program Format:

  • 2-hour Zoom workshop – an interactive training session in which participants will learn why, when and how to have What Matters Conversations with team members for critical impact RIGHT NOW, amidst all the noise, uncertainty and disruption.
  •  Two 1-hour facilitated weekly cohort coaching calls with Tier 1 Group Lead Facilitator Steve Bauer, who will guide participants in using the tools and frameworks to best navigate conversations and actions that address the current issues, obstacles and opportunities facing your teams and team members.  

Program options – Choose either:

  1. Participate in a cohort of individual team leaders from multiple organizations. Cohort programs allow participants to interact with, and learn from, peers from other organizations. Choose from two Zoom workshop dates listed below.
  2. Schedule a company-specific program for an entire team or a group of team leads/middle managers. Company-specific programs allow a team of leaders to work together to apply the training in critical areas exclusively for their organization.

Links to register for/request either option are below.


for individual participants, up to 4 from an organization

Option 1 
Date:  Tuesday, April 21 
Time:  1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

+ 2 weekly facilitated coaching calls with your cohort at a mutually determined date & time

Option 2 
Date:  Wednesday, April 22
Time:  10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

+ 2 weekly facilitated coaching calls with your cohort at a mutually determined date & time

Tuition: $350 per participant.

Deadline for registration and tuition payment:  Friday, April 17

Payments: credit card, ACH, or check.

Facilitator/Coach: Steve Bauer, Tier 1 Group Founder

Tier 1 Group provides training, coaching and executive advisory services focused on the development of high-performing teams, team-centered leaders, and team-centered culture integration.  For more information about Steve Bauer please click here.

Have questions or need additional information? Email Steve Bauer directly keystonehabit@tier1group.net





“The most frustrating part of team leadership was always trying to figure out why people behaved the way they did under different circumstances. Through Tier 1’s workshops I now have both tools and skills to get below the surface, understand, and resolve intra-team conflicts quickly.”

– Anna Stokes, Director of Marketing, The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

“Using the tools and skills learned during Tier 1 Group’s program, my team feels understood and supported. We collaborate more effectively, issues are greatly reduced, and we feel empowered helping each other achieve goals.”

– Noel Abejo, VP Technology Manager, Wells Fargo


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