Tier 1 Group’s Team-Centered Leadership Development (TCLD) program is designed for organizations who wish to go deep with team development.  The program provides mid-level and senior level leadership with high fidelity leadership training to support the Teamship work being done at the staff level.  When implemented concurrently with Teamship programs, team performance metrics are accelerated and the teachings become embedded into the culture of the sponsoring corporate department or division.

TCLD participants meet together one day a month for four months.  Leaders learn how to shift from providing directional supervision to team empowerment, and to identify and remove obstacles which prohibit their teams from achieving a greater level of self-sufficiency.

TCLD sessions:

  • Day 1 – Getting to What Matters
  • Day 2 – Team Health
  • Day 3 – Team-Centered Choices
  • Day 4 – Getting Unstuck