Team-focused Change

Teams are the engine that power organizational growth. 

High-performing teams are catalysts for preeminent growth.

Team-focused change must begin with a clear understanding of your teams’ dynamics and how those dynamics impact their performance and your future growth.  Tier 1 Group offers an innovative assessment solution:  TeamScan™ and TeamScan™Plus.  Both of these offerings deliver multi-perspective and holistic insights into your team’s journey to high performance, allowing you to clearly see “inside” your teams and fully understand what is impacting their performance.


TeamScan™ provides first level insights inside your team.  This proprietary assessment tool is and electronically delivered survey which identifies team behaviors, communication quality, organizational culture and their relationship to each other.  These relationships are viewed from multiple perspectives based on your organization’s hierarchy.  With a focus on these multiple perspectives, the TeamScan™ provides greater depth of clarity about your team’s dynamics.


TeamScan™Plus is a multi-step team assessment designed for enhanced impact.  Tier 1 Group will work directly with you and your team to gain deeper insights regarding team dynamics and to validate the results of the TeamScan™ survey.  As part of this offering, your team will receive critical training derived from Tier 1 Group’s High Performing Team Workshops.  In addition to the team assessment and validation, Tier 1 Group’s proven training tools will increase your employee’s capability to develop and maintain high quality relationships within the team, with others in the organization, with vendors and clients.  The final step of the offering is a report-out session with Tier 1 Group, to discuss findings, implications, and potential go-forward solutions.

Catalyzing Team Focused Change 

The best answers for your sustained preeminent growth exist within the organization itself, and it is our responsibility to help your team reveal those answers.  The outcome of this team work allows you and your leadership to be relieved of the operational burdens that keep you from your most important task: visioning and global strategy development.  Your teams, being aware of and involved in creating improvement strategies, develop a profound level of ownership in your growth journey.

Tier 1 Group offers tailored programs designed to empower your teams to meet your specific outcome goals.  Areas of specialty expertise include Delta Team formation and guidance, and Team Catalyst Facilitator Training.